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Vision & Mission of YTC

  • YTC began by being different

    The reality is that the preponderance of offerings today do not operate a ‘true’ working model. Either they are structured for a future development or unfortunately, their existing model is under-performing and requires the injection of capital that an ICO can provide. YTC is different from the outset as it is founded on the established and matured eco-System of the parent company AiYellow. The millions of participants are the bedrock of this eco-System and the segue for the new phenomenon.

  • Maintaining the YTC success

    YTC comprises a sophisticated community that excels with a fresh and tailored approach, applying all the fundamentals of an ICO but with a ‘twist’.

    YTC’s extended pre-ICO ensures that the community of 1,300,000+ merchants, 1,000,000+ customers and 7,000+ representatives have the necessary time required to espouse the program.

    Preserving the value of the YTC-Token by:
    • ‘Burning’ (destroying) all unsold tokens.
    • A cessation on any new issuance of Tokens.
    • Six amazing pre-ICO bonus rounds with great incentives.
    • THE BIG JUMP!... a strategic launch of unique YTC based products into our eco-System.
    • A meticulous and methodical execution of the YTC business plan, benefitting the entire community; past, present and future.
  • YTC – an extraordinary community

    With a constant desire to innovate and excel, the YTC community continues to flourish. Every goal we achieve leads to a new challenge and feeds an insatiable appetite - to continually improve on our best.

    The greatest strength of the YTC community lies within the unique, individual talent of each of the participants.

    This highly talented group strives daily to seek out, develop and innovate a distinction that separates YTC from the multitude. The group’s participants, embrace and express their talents, the result of which is the corporate credo that defines us.

    Strategic new plans are being developed daily, such as "white-label" solutions for worldwide cooperatives and cutting-edge mobile applications. These are just a sampling of the exclusive programs our community is developing, utilizing the dual phenomena of digital currency and blockchain.

    Welcome to YTC - By the people - For the people!